Tractor, Set, GO!
Based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Release date:
Android - Spring, 2013
iOS - November 6, 2014
PC/Mac/Linux - Early, 2015

PC / Mac / Linux
Windows Phone 8


Regular Price:

iOS $2.99
Desktop TBD
Android Free 2 Play


Welcome to project Gelluloid, doctor! Challenge yourself and prove your tactics skills in this fast-paced, action-strategy game. Join the Gelluloid science lab. Declare war to viruses and fight off gel opponents in microscopic battles!

Beware, each mission has been meticulously hand-crafted. We'll challenge even the most brilliant minds with unique puzzles and tactics scenarios.

You'll find the fast paced action very addictive. Strategy alone won't be enough to complete missions - you'll need to develop some quick moves as well.

Learn new abilities as you progress. Uncover new game play modes, new units and enhance your gel with powerful upgrades. Enjoy a well designed complexity curve.


Gelluloid development started somewhere in spring 2012, roughly based on a flash based prototype created back in 2010. Throughout the process Gelluloid has undergone several changes with the introduction of many action and role-play elements.


  • Fun, engaging, fast paced and brain melting!
  • Clever map designs with refreshing game modes: strategy, tactics, defense/survive and puzzle
  • Campaign Packs released regularly, currently over 100 maps included
  • 3 levels of difficulty to challenge novices and expert tacticians alike
  • Powerful upgrades mixed in the Laboratory will aid you in winning the war
  • New types of cells are introduced along the way!
  • Skirmish mode provides an arena where you play classic battles and earn research points
  • Analytical AI gives rise to provocative opponents
  • 5 classes of viruses spice up the game, keeping you on your toes
  • Awesome graphics and original sound design
  • Epic war of microscopic proportions!
  • Multiple profiles allow your friends to chime in too
  • Stimulating achievements
  • Social leader-boards for on-line competition
  • In-game tutorials to help with advanced tactics
  • A nice background story, if you care for reading it :)


Trailer YouTube

Steam Greenlight Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube

Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles

  • "It’s a compelling experience."
    - Android Police, Website
  • "A strategic take on World of Goo."
    - Tested.com, Website
  • "[...] your brain might just melt down, be careful with that."
    - Android Core,
  • "Gelluloid excellent strategy in its purest form that will give you many hours of interesting gameplay."
    - VipAndroid, Website
  • "Fantastic fast-paced strategy game Great game that requires quick thinking and reflexes. The game keeps adding new elements and changing the maps to keep you interested."
    - Paul Weiler, User Review
  • "Great game This is one of the best games of this genre I have ever played and I've played about all of them can't wait for more lvls"
    - Chris Hice, User Review
  • "Candy crush dethroned!!! This is THE next big game that your friends will tell you about six months from now! Download NOW!!! Gelluloid... It's in your FACE!!!"
    - Ronald Sturgill, User Review

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About Tractor, Set, GO!

Tractor, Set, GO! is an Indie game development and interactive media group formed in 2011 by two well established media studios. Our mission is to build astonishing looking games, presentations, interactive media with pitch perfect sounds and flawless functionality.

Gelluloid Credits

Cristian Cristea
Programming, Music, SFX

Horea Trinca
Game Design, 2D/3D Graphics

Adrian Bugnar
Game Design, 2D/3D Graphics

Darius Hanches
2D/3D Graphics, Level design

Vlad Borza
2D/3D Graphics

Andreea Cristea
Marketing & PR

Cristian Chereches
Marketing & PR

Aaron Marinaccio
Voice Acting (freelancer)

Press Kit Usage Agreement
You've been hereby granted the permission to use the assets in our press kit on your website, in your magazine and videos, as long as the published material refers to, in whole or in part, Gelluloid or Gelluloid Pro.